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Ethical Revisions

Posted By: mamabear
Date: Sunday, 5 April 2015, at 11:56 a.m.

In Response To: Ethics (Brett Meyer)

The only way any of these would be all right ethically speaking, is if you say them in such an exaggerated way that nobody could possibly believe you. Here are my ethical editions of all these unethical coffeehousings:

...-Doing a pip-count, then announcing (intentionally) the wrong results of the count (i.e., announcing that you're way ahead when you're not or vice-versa) in order to affect your opponent's decision on an upcoming cube or to affect their upcoming decision on cubing?

"How can you think of doubling? I just counted, and I'm at least a million pips ahead!"

...-Compliment your opponent on a checker play that you know was incorrect & increases your game-winning chances?

"That was very imaginative. There's no way I would ever have even thought of that play."

...-Complaining about your dice roll, when it was advantageous to you, although you know that your opponent would not recognize that it was actually a nice roll?

"How could I have rolled this, when a double 6 [or whatever] would have been better? What did I do to deserve only second-best?"

...-Before your roll, you say, "I'm too good to double you now"...when, in fact, that is certainly not the case?

"I'm rolling on because I'm too good. Sounds better than saying I'm just too chicken, doesn't it?"

...-Before HIS roll, you say, "I may have to drop a cube here," when you know that you will definitely take the cube (or even beaver)?

"Oh pleeeze don't double! I'm shivering in my Manolo Blahniks!"

...-You say, "I know I may be ahead on the score sheet, but I've just been getting lucky dice," when you KNOW that you are ahead because you are a better player?

In this case, I don't know why you are saying anything at all. If he's losing, he knows that; don't be rude and rub his face in it!

Of course, you always have the option not to say anything in all the other cases either, especially if you never want to hear your opponent rejoin: "Not again! One minute I'm at the _______ Bar and Grill, then all of a sudden I'm at Maxwell House."

When in doubt, shut up and buy him a sandwich.

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