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Double elimination tips?

Posted By: sebalotek
Date: Tuesday, 15 December 2015, at 9:28 a.m.

In Response To: Double elimination tips? (sebalotek)

Thanks for the responses so far.

I just wanted to check that there was no wacky or non-obvious (but sound) strategy like (the probably wrong) 'doubling immediately at your first roll in your first game to bump the cube value up to a higher value and shorten match #1 / increase the influence of luck'.

Or (also probably wrong) 'if you are already losing by a large amount in match #1, bump the cube up aggressively, even though it might be a bad cube / re-cube under 'normal' circumstances, but with the cube bumped up, you might win this important first match in one match / catch up significantly'.

I was hoping that there may have even been some chequerplay insights / strategies which could theoretically worked well in one's favour in between.

N.B. This train of thought was triggered by watching a team game yesterday. My teammate only need to reach 9 points (or lose by no more than 2 points) in our team's final 11 point match in order for us to tally enough points to win the team tourney. (Or to put it another way, they did not need to win this final 11 point match outright. We were already winning the series 12 - 9)

A few good early moves and then they were in a lovely position to coast to the magical 9 point mark. However, they then offered a Too Good cube at 3away - 3away (8-8 to 11) when they were 75.9% to win and 57% to gammon in that particular game.

In fact, regardless of being Too Good, I think they should not have cubed at all, seeing as they only needed an additional 1 point to bring the score up to 9 and most likely win the team series (disregarding opponent's possible future cubes, gammons and backgammons).

Anyway, their opponent gratefully snatched up the cube (which would normally be an huge drop) and immediately re-cubed (which would also be a huge error under normal circumstances) to 4 to make that particular game for the match and the series. Luckily, my teammate didn't roll any anti-jokers during bear-in and off and bought the match / series home.

So I thought there perhaps might have been some kind of similarity between this type of situation and match #1 of a double elimination final which I am due to play in the near future.

From the comments so far, it seems that there are not, and one should just play their normal game..

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