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Never Beaver (Hardly ever)

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Friday, 28 June 2013, at 2:11 p.m.

In Response To: Never Beaver (Hardly ever) (TarHeelFan)

You are right, Jeb, it is not an issue in our chouette: there are no strong players in our chouette.

A game that is getting more popular in Denmark and elsewhere is "softies" where you must beaver the initial cube. I think if you lower the stakes and play that game it would amount to about the same size of game but would be a lot more fun. The dead cube take point is 37.5 and live cube about 32.5 but gammons remain .5, so you will see earlier doubles and earlier drops, and when cubes are taken it will be on 4 so that is somewhat more exciting when the cube comes back at 8 etc.

I love changes and innovations, but find it hard to convince others to try them...they are so comfortable with the "old ways."

My favorite change is non-consulting doubles, which I think is the best way to play, and I have even run a couple of special events where we tried it and loved it, but again, I can't convince enough people to do this. It's simple, the partners take turn on checker plays, without consulting, though they can consult on the cube so long as they don't discuss checker strategy in doing so. Now, both players are truly contributing to the game (and you don't have to listen to all that crap between partners about every move).

Back to the subject of beavers, we do play no raccoons in our chouette as we just don't want to see anyone hurt that much in a single game for a single mistake or lucky sequence. As for dropping a beaver, I have seen this, and the first time I saw it I didn't even know you could do this....it's a good rule in case someone just miscounts the checkers or didn't see a checker on the bar etc.

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