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Posted By: Stick
Date: Monday, 15 July 2013, at 2:35 p.m.

In Response To: BGO vs. RBG (Michael Petch)

Every individual has the right to do as he pleases as far as posting, not posting, posting here, posting elsewhere, etc... It is also a definite positive that Timothy posts at RGB. There are at least few people that post there that do not post here. I don't know if they read here or not and I don't know how many more possible people read over at RGB that simply don't post. Someone like Timothy posting anywhere that backgammon players can read/access is a plus for bg.

All the obvious being out of the way, Newsgroups suck for a backgammon forum. The amount of spam you have to deal with fluctuates, the ability to post picture diagrams or otherwise pretty up any old post you want with HTML is enough to keep me at a distance. There is no moderator so other problems seep in. I visit RGB and post there infrequently because I know there's value in it and I'm a backgammon junkie but I do think the community would be better off if magically everyone there could migrate to one backgammon forum and it died off.

One big advantage to R.G.B. is that the newsgroup data will likely outlive BGO.

If you can come up with a way to make this into a bet in which the winner gets paid my pocket is open. I mean, I'm all ears.

RGB doesn't come across as pompous and arrogant

No, it doesn't. You know what does, me, not the forums. I don't feel like anyone that knows me personally ever has had a real problem with my bg obnoxiousness because at the end of the day they know I'm willing to help, explain, do whatever to help backgammon. How else would you say the forums or posters in general come off as pompous/arrogant? Maybe I've rubbed off on some of them or perhaps people who lurk and don't know anyone see it as pompous and arrogant but that's not our fault for being judged by people who don't know us. Of course if Rory or Chuck or UBK or anyone I know really posts a problem and I feel like giving them a hard time I will point out how obvious the play is and that only a donkey of MCG like status would even consider any other play. How this will be viewed may be in a negative way by outsiders and that's unfortunate but I'm not going to stop harassing my friends and having fun on the forums. If I did that then you might win your last longer bet of BGO v. RBG.

Do you know how RGB comes off? I'd call it spamtastic and trollific. While we do have very minimal trolling here at BGO there is (virtually) no spam. You're right that RGB has been better lately but still as far as what I'd like to look at, it hurts my eyes and my head to wander over to RGB.

Specifically one person refuses to post here because they think that the answer will be "Next", so they find it pointless to even bother.

That's ridiculous, please quote me. The use of "NEXT!" stemmed from when I was at Kit's site and he was running the OLM and would post what many considered the most obvious decision possible and it would waste time instead of getting to somewhat more interesting decisions. (I didn't start it for the record, no idea who did, I just took it to the extreme) From that initial "Next!" usage it has branched out and is still sometimes inserted here or there super rarely and even then a small explanation may accompany it. Have this person do a search and let us know over the last X months how many times a "Next!" was used. (links included, it doesn't count if an explanation accompanied it)


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