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Bad habits? Brain re-calibration.

Posted By: Rod
Date: Saturday, 21 September 2013, at 4:00 p.m.

In Response To: Which anchor? Why? (Jeremy Bagai)

I find a lot of these plays with large errors interesting. I know that occasionally I manage to find errors that a student of mine disagrees with while finding the better play. And sometimes it happens during "regular" play, too. Why does this happen?

Here I discounted 24 out so quickly I literally spent a minute looking for the "other" play, finally realizing there was only 24 out and then literally (again) wondering if I was missing something. The bar couldn't be any clearer. And some ofthe people who missed this absolutely wouldn't on "a good day".

I play a lot (50-60 hours a week) and, perhaps more often than most (more sensitive to it because I have a definitive and immediate metric by which to measure), feel my play deteriorate after x amount of time. Sometimes I feel that I start missing simple things (sometimes less a feeling than my soon-to-be-a-giant chou friend telling me I made stupid plays too often). Sometimes I feel that my brain just starts seeing "bad" plays so much that it decides to incorporate those into my personal backgammon neural net (aka PBNN aka my brain) despite it knowing it shouldn't be - it seems unable to help it. When this happens I tend to "hit the books" a bit more than usual. I play (reviewing every play after making it) more on XG, sometimes full matches, sometimes full $ games and sometimes just playing repetitively from certain positions.

I think that almost everyone is susceptible to this drift and probably could use a re calibration from time to time. Perhaps the longer one has been playing, the longer you can go without. For me it's when I say to myself "I should have known that" or "I knew that - boy was that stupid" or "why am I making these plays". I don't re-calibrate automatically. It always requires being proactive.

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