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Ray for Giants!!! Yay!!

Posted By: Rod
Date: Tuesday, 8 October 2013, at 10:39 p.m.

In Response To: And another thing, Ray... (Coolrey)

Uh huh. Sure, Ray. Anything you say, Ray. You da man, Ray.

But still... Your coming back to bgonline just to lambast me and my 0.042 cube error really is some dope flattery. Especially since I think everyone knows that you'd probably suggest an underdog recube in that situation, if it was anyone else. The better question than "which giant would have cubed here" is "who thinks, after seeing that it's technically a 0.042 error, thinks I erred, in any significant way by cubing".

But, considering another giant in that very match made a larger cube error I really have no idea why my smaller cube error is such a mighty terrible thing. In fact, your initial analysis of my cube was contrary to the reality and contrary to what EVERY decent player understands a correct analysis should be for my cube action. It simply makes no sense. It's like you're turning everything everyone knows on its head. And by continuining to hold to the same wrong-headed analysis (even contrary to what we all know you'd normally say), you're just sounding more ridiculous.

If you're worried about getting votes for the Giants voting I don't think berating me for a play you'd normally commend is going to help. Nor will calling attention to my lucky 13 of 22 cashes in 5 tournaments (sure, I've been lucky - including 2 main wins, 1 - 3rd/4th main, and 2 masters 2nd places - and then there was my #2 in the IBC) help people forget your lack of performance the past 2 years. I took 3 years off. Didn't touch backgammon for all intents and purposes for 3 years. 2009 I was doing pretty well. I come back and seem to be doing pretty well.

Maybe you should take a break. Relax. Chill. I don't expect to win. I do welcome it when it happens. You'll enjoy it more if you stop being so rayliciously awesome.

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