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Who's in charge of the US Clock Rules?

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Friday, 1 November 2013, at 3:38 p.m.

As mentioned yesterday, this change is a must to get rid of the rediculous chance to have someone forced to forfeit their turn because they hit their clock prior to rolling (usually after being closed out for several turns).

The fact that this can and has occurred and been enforced scares some players away from using a clock. I have had this told to me by a couple of players who are on the fence between Adv and Open.

I will post this everyday until the rules until this fair and common sense change is made to the rules, or until Stick tells me to stop posting it.

Rule 3.4 should read...(note just one sentence added)

3.4 COMPLETING A TURN. A player completes his turn by “hitting” the clock with the same hand used in moving, leaving the dice in place on the board. (“Hitting” the clock simultaneously stops the player’s clock and starts the opponent’s clock.) While playing against an opponent with no legal moves (e.g. closed out on the bar) the player must still hit the clock to end his turn, which resets the deductible, gives the opponent the opportunity to double or redouble and verify the player’s move as legal. A player with no legal moves is not required to roll the dice but must continue hitting the clock to complete his turn and reset the deductible. A player with possible legal moves is required to roll the dice and does not forfeit his turn if he inadvertantly hits the clock prior to rolling the dice.

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