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DC Tournament.....Thanks ETC ETC

Posted By: Keene
Date: Monday, 11 November 2013, at 9:18 p.m.

In Response To: DC Tournament.....Thanks ETC ETC (Igor)

Let me ask this (serious response to your post). How can you expect the USBGF to apply any kind of ruling at ABT held events? The USBGF has no authority over these tournaments. The tournament can choose to support the USBGF, but thats about it. ABT Tournaments have oversight from the ABT - and only loosely.

The TD's (and I am one of them) do take sandbaggers seriously. We have eligibility committees, we speak to the players involved, and we make decisions and rulings at our own events regarding player eligibility.

I agree there exists a problem. I agree that it hurts tournament attendance. However, our players must trust us to do whats fair and right. We try very hard to succeed at this.

If you are a TD, tell me, how do you respond to player X:

Player X: I dont believe I belong in the Open, I should be allowed to play intermediate. I cant afford to play Open. My equity is terrible in the Open division. I wont play if you make me play Open.

Now, which goal do you want to achieve?

1. Increased attendance and participation at your event - which small things can have a big impact on whether you lose money, break even, or make the tiniest amount. Trust me when I say the dollars are small. You lay out quite a bit of money setting the tournament up, and only as the Final day approaches do you know whether you are taking home any money or not.

2. Player goodwill? Its far easier to maintain regular attenders than it is to acquire new ones.

3. Intermediate field? Those players care about sandbaggers as much as we do. I want my intermediate field to be comfortable and happy with the group.

There are many more. But, how to solve the problem?

Clear Eligibility Rules are the answer.

As for the Wisconsin Tournament. I spoke with several players at our 2013 tournament and explained to them that they cannot play Intermediate in 2014. They know who they are, and I will absolutely enforce that.


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