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DC Tournament.....Thanks ETC ETC

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Monday, 11 November 2013, at 6:56 p.m.

I would like to Thank, Ed O. and Barry S and their Families for running a fine event. I believe it is not right to focus or critique the small incidents that might diminish the excellent Job overall. "GREAT JOB "

Thanks to Jason Lee for having the expertise to read the video. My opponent believed I took an extra 3 on double 3s and Jason confirmed with the video I played legal. But it did take the video to confirm the move. I was up about 70 pips rolling off to end up winning on final roll by just one. I stay on the fence still about legal moves , If practical I would like to see the human element come out the game all together.

I had the one Bye in the game as well , and Scott Kelland easily could have racked up his second advanced win in two weeks. We did discuss moving up to open and he must make his own choices. Humbly I say the better player may have gotten "UNLUCKY". Across the Road was Greg Merriman who beat a very elite field in the open and a pleasure to speak to him and made a note to self...a pure gentleman and great player.

Online you cannot play illegal moves, except I agree it is not REAL backgammon. The counting of pips makes it a much harder game and being online player, I say this from experience. As most of you know my allegiance to the online PRO Team, we have lost players due to the integrity of online play and have choose to hang in there, as the social and friendship building is incredible and overall its success without any monetary asking from our members for over 10 years.

Having one live event under my belt I understand the phrase "Labor of Love" my wife and I and our friend Rick would love to run one a year in Fort Lauderdale. We hope for no unusual outside interference to hinder its success. We are not into doing this for any financial windfall, while we hope not to lose either as we did this time. Those responsible for this happening, regardless of tenure should be banished. My wife and I and Rick gave you 100 percent good intentions as I just witnessed in DC and Tournament Directors . I hope you consider this event in your Backgammon plans.

I still do not understand fully how the USBGF helps backgammon or young adults. Teaching people while they are young to devote so much time to a hobby I took on late in life seems to make more sense to me, I do consider exceptions. I was happy to see the novices playing in the DC event were older and all clearly over 21 and mostly middle age etc. I will NEVER except under 21 chouette playing and those who choose to play in the event should be able to do so without cost or monetary gain and I stay firm on that legal aspect , NO exception.

I know after winning an event like this I am expected to play open level, but I can say with all honesty I respect the ability of the great players in this game, I will never put in the work to get there. For lack of a better policy in place, I will not challenge being an open player. Some may consider this a challenge to work on my game and I set priorities in my Hobbies as just being fun stuff "NOT WORK" We love live events , so one must do things within reason and my wife and I will afford us this luxury.

We wish those in the point race the best of luck. We hope backgammon grows with all sincerity with the potential of bringing back those who left for varying reasons. My politics excludes me from being a member of the board of The USBGF, but I am certain I can do a better job of this that has been done over the past four years. My expertise in bringing the PRO team together with its success qualifies me as a motivator and our fine team runs with little effort anymore from me or our Captains( management team). I have made mistakes along the way, and recognized accordingly. Members of a Board have to set a higher standard than those who make up the community. I will challenge anyone to a live debate on any topic. For those of you who can only respond via computer, sorry I do not believe in anything I cannot touch. I am sure some of your opinions might be valid, my experience leaves me firm on that.

I will do my best to my promise to Bill Riles, but I can tell you I have been challenged and although he has not told me, this has been challenging for him. "To repeat he has asked me to back down and let him take care of it, and I HAVE AGREED". Perhaps those who do not understand a board of directors role should step down. Ask yourself if you have played favoritism behind the scenes perhaps you have your answer.

Thanks Again DC and to all winners and tough opponents . Vote for Malcolm Davis, Neil, Ray, Stacy, Frank, Ed, Stephan, Mike (Falafel), Rod etc.

No one can ever admit a vote is not about your favorites, Ill admit this. Again perhaps but there is an argument for each one of these for me. These are the people who set the bar of the game for me across the board if not for one reason but for all that matter to just me. Thanks for listening. This post reflects my opinions only. For those of you wishing to debate me personally, not on a computer venue. Thanks ^5 NEAL

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