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San Antonio

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Tuesday, 4 February 2014, at 6:34 p.m.

In Response To: San Antonio (David Rockwell)

(RDR)The level of competition at this tournament was very high. That is the most important thing to me. (NTK)+1

(RDR)I liked the no nonsense way that penalty points were awarded. I wish everyone did this.(NTK)+100000

(RDR)I will mention two negatives. The drawsheet did not work well. Wait times were unacceptable. My wife waited eight hours for one match and I waited longer. Matches were not particularly delayed. This was just the way that the drawsheet was constructed. I presume these drawsheets will not be used again next year. (NTK)While I personally had no issues even though I played lots of matches in the main, losing to Antoinette in the conso semis, I heard quite a few complaints from those in all 3 divisions about wait times. Anyhow I believe your concern is about the Champ draw which was made for 80 players with the usual progressive conso, and thankfully progressive LC as well. One player complained to me that he won two matches before getting to the LC but someone in the LC was in the same spot as him but hadn't won at all. (NTK)It isn't easy to come up with a fair method designed for 80 players with a progressive conso and LC and it is more difficult to then make up the draw sheet and try to both minimize the chances of someone getting two byes and minimize the chances of someone playing the same person twice when neither has progressed even close to the money. However, and noting that your's isn't the only complaint, it seems clear that these draw sheets for 80 need to be looked at and likely reassessed.

(RDR)Our hotel room smelled like a sewer. I heard other people say the same thing. It appears that this was the difference between the newer part of the building and the old part. The hotel used some sort of fragrance which didn't last to cover up the smell when we first entered. We didn't notice until later and chose not to complain thinking that this was standard for the hotel. We didn't realize until Sunday that some of the rooms were actually nice. I'm very unhappy with the Menger for sticking us with a room like this and charging us full price. If we return, we would probably find a different place to stay. (NTK)OMG I'd have gone to the front desk with my wife instantly and complained and in hopes that if things were tight for other rooms, they might take pity on a husband and wife together and perhaps move you to one of potentially few non stinky rooms. Or at the very least offer you a price reduction or a free meal. However, often the front desk staff has little authority to make any financial decision and may be reluctant to summon a manager so you may have had no satifaction anyhow or have waited 10+ minutes for a manager who'd have simply said,"I'm sorry but there's no other rooms available".

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