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Opinions-OT-caution, long

Posted By: mamabear
Date: Monday, 31 March 2014, at 11:55 p.m.

In Response To: Opinions-OT (Seth)

First, even if you get a new comp, I'd keep your XP system both as a backup and as a machine that can run some programs that Vista, 7 and 8 cannot. One of those is JellyFish, if you still like to play around with its interactive rollouts or ask it for a second or third opinion vs. XG.

The main advantage of 8.1 is that it loads much faster than 7 or Vista. But it makes up for it by "balking" more later, having inexplicable delays loading pages, especially with Chrome. The good news ends with that ambiguous note, LOL. (BTW it's not my cable that's the problem, because I run the Vista laptop off the same home network without those issues.)

I run Windows 8.1 by ignoring all the dumbed-down versions of programs that you can reach with that big orange page full of tiles, and mouse the Desktop tile to get away from there ASAP. On the Desktop, you can do most of what Vista or 7 would do. If you right-click the thinghy at the bottom and look low on the list, you can still open multiple Explore windows. You still have to hover around on the right to get to the power-off and power-down options, and you don't have as many as with Vista.

BTW I am not recommending Vista, but since I still have an ancient laptop that uses it, that's what I can use most easily for comparison. Vista still draws down 8% of the lappie's battery just booting up and logging in, but after it does I now prefer it for Internet browsing. For running XG, the new machine is better, but that is because it has a faster chip and better cooling. It's also much better for anything that requires sound, again because the hardware I bought is so much better.

Fortunately for us BG-addicts, XG runs fine, and without the web's balkiness, from 8.1's Desktop.

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