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Neil and Ray etc

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Tuesday, 8 April 2014, at 2:47 p.m.

In Response To: Neil and Ray etc (Stick)

Ah, it is great to hear technical experts hash out a simple cube action, proposed by one of the greatest mathematicians OTB the game has ever seen.

Even though Neil gives away some of my secrets this is great stuff.

I think the real key to these positions and situations is the little % number that XG gives, which represents the number of incorrect passes to make the cube right.

The above noted experts doubtless noticed that I did not take any time to analyze the position in an effort to determine the right play technically. That's kind of hard and can be expensive in terms of time OTB, especially when playing with a clock.

I am just sure that 30% of the open players will not consider for a second taking this cube, and if in my estimation that number exceeds what I imagine XGs percentage of passes necessary to make it a good double... Then I am right to redouble, no matter if I subsequently find that this particular opponent figures it all out and takes.

Less work for me, no time trouble, and excellent results.

Paradoxically I will lose "reputation points" among my peers in this game because only they will post such a position as a problem in a place like this and I will get fried during the re-hash. LOL.

A reputation is a terrible thing to waste, but I will happily do so while saving brain cells and time OTB.

Meanwhile, there is a subtlety at work that the critics fail to realize. I would not double Stick, John O, or Neil, because I know my customers. I would use a little caution against them...

Ray just redoubles the field in these situations, tailoring the cube action to those most likely to err. It feels like cheating when I do that and they scramble the checkers up for the next game in less than one second, but that is not such a bad feeling after all.

Seth is right and it is not so bad to be careful when you are ahead and hold the cube for you are going to be nauseated if you experience a take, rewhip and lose scenario...

But a wolf probably feels bad too if he comes across a sheep after having its hindquarters run over by a truck and he didn't eat him because he wasn't real hungry at the time. Especially a couple days later when he just got kicked by a buffalo during a pack hunt!

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