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Revisiting O'Hagan AtS Cube/Ray Response

Posted By: Keene
Date: Friday, 11 April 2014, at 3:43 p.m.

In Response To: Revisiting O'Hagan AtS Cube/Ray Response (Stick)

Its a different perspective that you offer. I think specifically, in this case, you dont get to be a player of Ray's caliber without knowing these things (take points etc). On that note, I know we all poke a lot of fun at Ray for his 'technique', however, that doesnt mean he isnt a world class player. I would be comfortable that he could make it into the 4.0 club without overly much stress.

So, my perspective on the process for this is really: Should you whip the cube, even if its correct? I dont think so. I think it should be held - as I mentioned in strategic terms, I'd prefer to grind this one home than toss it up for yet another anti-joker & joker bad beat sob story. God knows we've all got enough of those, and quite frankly, I need another one like I need brain cancer (no disrespect intended to anyone). Should this kind of position come around for me, even if I find this marvelous RD/T window, I'm not going to do it. Screw my PR, I will take my easy points, and cash it when its damn near impossible to lose and impossible to win a gammon.

This is in opposition to the way Ray is putting it - he'd rather capitalize on mistakes, and apply the pressure that way. Now, thats just a different way of handling the same situation. Lets not forget that Ray posted 88.8 ABT points in 2011, he's also the 2nd all time player on the ABT points list. So, to my mind there are very few players who can call out this strategy. That includes Stick. There may be some technical differences in play, but remember, Ray likes to apply pressure, and it sometimes costs him some PR to do so - the excellent article in the USBGF magazine about the Dual Duel finals is a great example.

How many of you readers would be applying the Fogerlund stratagem here? How many would say "no way, man.". Also, for those of you willing to send the big cube over in the lopsided score, are you that concerned about dropping between 0.02 and 0.08 in equity here? Shouldnt you be more concerned about winning? Thats why we go to tournaments isnt it? To win? Its going to cost you a fraction of a PR point to reduce volatility, at a score where you seek to reduce it. I think there is great value in that. And be damned about my PR. The only person that cares about my PR is me, and even then, I find there is a distinct difference in playing to win, and playing for a low PR - I know there shouldnt be, and perhaps thats a mental hurdle that I need to clear. My problem though.


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