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My Backgammon Shitlist

Posted By: Adam Torkelson
Date: Friday, 30 May 2014, at 2:48 p.m.

In Response To: My Backgammon Shitlist (phil simborg)

"I have no idea who you are or what your motives are for defending him, threatening me with legal action, or demeaning me for speaking out, but I don't care what your motives are." Are you saying here that I threatened you with legal action? What are you talking about?

"You are entitled to not agree with me or with what I do, but since you are not me, you do not know all I have seen and heard and know about Mr. Weiner." I have seen his complaints (which did not match what you said) and his insults posted here. I've also seen what looked like the end of it the debate which I participated in. I've seen it quiet and peaceful here on this board for months except for your goading posts you keep posting (a couple days after the last debate was over you wrote a provocative post about no one saying ugly nasty things to you...that was very provocative and unnecessary...and immature of you). Then you post a thread flattering yourself about how great your tournament was, sounding pompous, arrogant, and insulting to other tournament directors and the people that attend them. I've been here for a couple years now and have never seen any other person fawn over themselves like that before and never seen anyone else feel the need to write a self-flattering post (others usually complement them instead). I've seen you write shitlists naming names and opening cans of worms and use foul, emotionally charged language to air your dirty laundry in provocative ways and then try and pretend it was productive discourse when called out on it. Your posts are not productive and you look silly. The way you are "choosing to let the world know" isn't working to you or anyone else's benefit as the way you are doing it is stirring up trouble and adding fuel to the fire. It's been peaceful on this board for some time now and it feels like now that the teacher has taken care of the bully, the picked-on kid feels he needs to provoke the bully. The only one I see being negative on this board is you, not Neal. So I dismiss your complaint of his "threads". I find it baseless. I also find it baseless that you would complain of emails. That's like someone complaining of their house being robbed when they are always leaving the doors and windows unlocked. Block the address and the problem is solved. I speak from experience on that.

Since you proclaim yourself an ambassador of the game of backgammon, it should concern you that you don't know who I am because I represent a lot of people you are trying to reach. If you really do care about the game of backgammon and really are on a mission to spread it around the globe, then the way you present and carry yourself on this board (even in the face of adversity) where lurkers/guests, laypersons, potential USBGF members, potential tournament participants, etc. read everything you write should greatly concern you. I strongly suggest a different approach.

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