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Ideas for XG

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Wednesday, 18 June 2014, at 1:38 p.m.

In Response To: Ideas for XG (Todd Kennedy)

Interesting ideas, however, how would the bot know what is complex and what is not? I can show you positions that hardly anyone would get over the board that 3 ply gets right instantly ("right" that is, if we can believe the rollout to be right, which is somewhat subjective).

I can pretty much assure you that you will not see XG changed in this fashion, as much as it would be fun and interesting to see it. Why? Xavier has only limited time and resources to satisfy an amazing list of projects for XG and bells and whistles and improvements and upgrades, and I am sure that knowing his history with the software, what will come first are those things that make the bot a more useful tool to understand what the pure, correct plays and decisions are, and to provide features that will appeal to the great majority of people who are searching for more tools and insights, as well as things to make the bot more user-friendly.

Not only can you not please everyone and put everything into the bot that everyone would like to have, but if you were able to do that, the program and software would be more "cumbersome" and expensive to produce and maintain. Too many options and settings would make it more difficult to use, not less.

I have seen (and made) dozens of requests for additions and changes to the software that would appeal to a far greater audience than these recommendations, and even those that Xavier agrees with won't be incorporated for some time due to long priority list.

Now, I want to be clear...I am not speaking for Xavier or saying that I have any "authority" relative to what XG will and will not have in the future...just offering my thoughts to try to help people understand why XG cannot be all things to all people and incorporate all the many ideas and suggestions. I like these suggestions, but they are far down on the list of what most would consider important and useful.

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