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CSI Special Private Side Pool

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Wednesday, 11 March 2015, at 11:25 a.m.

In Response To: CSI Special Private Side Pool (Phil Simborg)

a) this dilutes the general pool in the main and;

The side pool is optional. If I choose not to enter it, does that dilute it?

b) only helps non-Giants and in effect, tends to take a little money away from the Giants.

Cry me a river. I don't exist to subsidize your tournament experience.

I know that the person who wrote me this email is not the only one who feels that trying to spread a little of the booty to the lower-level players is not "sporting."

It's NOT spreading money to lower-level players. If there was some tax on the Giants, maybe, but that is so clearly not what's going on here.

we need to keep our top players incentivized to travel around the world to play in tournaments

I'm not convinced we NEED that.

I've had the following thoughts about Rory's tournament in Chicago, when he has a Giants Invitational: "I think I could make it that weekend, I haven't played in a BG tournament in a while, on the other hand, flights are expensive... Hmmm, I'm not sure. Well, let's see what's Rory got going on in that tournament? Oh. Giants invitational. That means there are going to be more than the average number of Giants in the tournament. Eh, I was on the fence, but now I think I'll stay home."

If I've had that thought, somebody else has too. Yeah, it's fun to beat a Giant once in a while... anybody who's played in Open divisions long enough has done it from time to time, but if I have to subject myself to a murderer's row, I'm just throwing my money away.

I don't play backgammon tournaments to get rich, but I'm also not playing in them to get somebody else rich.


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