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Hypocrisy in the backgammon community

Posted By: Bill Riles
Date: Thursday, 10 March 2016, at 1:50 a.m.

In Response To: Hypocrisy in the backgammon community (Timothy Chow)

I agree with Timothy.

There was a private e-mail thread between several parties on this topic.

I'll share my reply/contribution.

"All --

I cannot speak for Paul, I'll let him do that for himself.

I do not believe anyone, including Paul, has anything against Bosnians or Croatians nor has anyone denigrated them in any way. Paul chose to make a point with his posting of the video and his associated headings. I would have, and have, done it differently; however, I don't think his method was malicious nor meant to be derogatory at all.

To the extent I can with limited knowledge from afar, I applaud the difficulties and strife the people of that region have unfortunately experienced and had to contend with in their lives. I appreciate their love of the game of backgammon and their continually developing efforts to promote, grow, and refine the game and the level of play in their areas.

Nonetheless, I believe the Giants of Backgammon program is simply intended to recognize and celebrate the best players of the game. I do not believe the composition of the list has a humanitarian or philanthropic aspect or function, nor should it.

It is unfortunate that the program was abused this year -- the system allowed it, some took advantage of it. Changes should be made to prevent such abuse in the future. Only with substantive changes is there any hope to restore the credibility, legitimacy, recognition, and acceptance of the Giants of Backgammon.

I am certain the Bosnians and Croatians are proud, confident people -- as they should be. I cannot imagine they wish to be tarnished by scandal. As with everyone in life, in every arena of life, I'm sure these groups only wish for opportunity, recognition, and respect in the backgammon world. I doubt they wish charity or entitlement and imagine they fully realize the need to earn status. I understand some of them are embarrassed by the entirety of the circumstances.

So, we should all learn from this. Steps should be taken and changes made that preclude repetition. There are definitive steps and measures that can be easily implemented to ensure the objective of the Giants of Backgammon. I would love to discuss these."

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