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Jacoby Rule for Match Play?

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Tuesday, 20 August 2013, at 2:13 p.m.

In Response To: Jacoby Rule for Match Play? (Bob Koca)

Of course there have been drastic changes in the game over the years. Crawford is one. The doubling cube is probably the most dramatic change. I am not saying that change cannot happen, but I am saying, from experience, that unless it can be greatly accepted by a large number of people as being an improvement, it is not likely to happen and not worth the fight. And even then, it takes quite a while.

We are seeing such a change right now. It started with many top players agreeing to play legal moves, and now a movement is on to actually change the rules for tournament play to legal moves. I am convinced that will be the rule universally accepted in the future, in spite of those who adamantly argue for the current ABT non-legal moves rules.

Some day the Jacoby rule will apply to match play, but first, we must all be convinced that it would make the game a better game. And that is where I am starting now...is it a better game? Would it be more interesting; more complex; more fun to play? I think so, but again, what do others think?

As to your question (Bob) about does the Jacoby rule make money play better, I like it, but it might be just because I am used to it and hate to see a game drag out with a 1 cube. I think the impact of the Jacoby rule on match play could be significant. I would like to try it as a "side event" some time because it challenges you to think...think about how you might change your checker plays and cube actions because of this difference. Now we are forced to play without clear references and known values and we must think on our feet, and I think that would be interesting and fun.

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