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One thing I don't like about this idea

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Sunday, 25 August 2013, at 1:50 p.m.

In Response To: 2 away 2 away Score -- Idea (Rick Janowski)

The only thing I don't like about this idea is that I didn't think of it first.

I also very much liked and agreed with Mary's assessment of what it takes to make a change.

Now, let's talk about this change. If most good players agree that this would make the game a "better" game...more interesting and more challenging, then I don't think it is that impossible to see this change incorporated. Simply go to the leaders of major tournaments, the heads of major federations, and the top tournament players and authors who have the ear and respect of the backgammon community, and convince them and ask them all to encourage everyone to incorporate this into the "universal rules" we hope will some day be agreed upon for tournament play.

Backgammon already has at least 3 different sets of rules right now: there are the rules we use for major tournament play (which are not completely the same all over the world as yet, but are generally the same); there are the rules (and norms) that have been accepted for money/chouette play (which again, vary some from place to play but generally use Jacoby and legal moves and rules about consulting); and there are the more "simple" and general rules that are used by the non-tournament and less sophisticated players.

So there is no reason to think we need to get the entire world to change the rules of backgammon to applying Crawford at 2away/2away...all that needs to happen is to convince what are now the major "ruling bodies" over tournaments to agree--major tournament directors, federations, and again, have the support of top players.

I think it could be possible that we will see this lovely improvement to the game a reality within a couple of years if just the people on this forum get on board with the idea and talk about this to the leaders of those ruling bodies mentioned above.

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