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I Totally Support Chiva's New Clock Rule -1

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Tuesday, 17 December 2013, at 8:58 p.m.

In Response To: I Totally Support Chiva's New Clock Rule +1 (rew)

Rew, in Chivas "9 point" tournament, it was one break of 5 minutes.

For real backgammon matches it would be 3 breaks per player, and it would probably be the same player that breaks first on all occasions.

It might work, and it might be nice at tournaments where breaks are going crazy. Maybe I just have yet to experience such a tournament (I admit, I never play outside of Denmark), and I still think that the solution with an hourglass timer is much much better (and will yield the same result timewise).

I don't think there's a real progression problem at Nordic - there might be some players with busy schedules delaying some of the side events they sign up for, but in the mains I don't think you get behind schedule?

I agree with you, to some extend, that clocked matches may be equally important - or even more important. Again, the Nordic has "Clock Preference" in both Championship and Advanced divisions, and "Mandatory Clocks" from the QF in all divisions. So they're getting close, and if you prefer playing clocks, you just have yourself to blame if you miss out (because clocks can be borrowed at the TD). Furthermore, TDs WILL clock players that are getting behind schedule, as they are allowed to do within the DBgF rules.

Personally I'd love to see "Mandatory" all the way in the Championship division, and also see "Preference" in the Intermediate division. I really have a hard time figuring out why they didn't do the last one of these. First one could be a clock stock issue, I don't know... We'll have to ask Steen.

By the way: If you participated, I urge you to send Steen a mail and suggest this. He listens to feedback, and maybe what he needs to dive in here, are players actually requesting it - otherwise he might think that people are happy as it is. You can find a link for providing feedback here: http://www.nordicopen.dk/index.php?id=63

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