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Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Saturday, 28 December 2013, at 9:31 p.m.

In Response To: Ideally (Bill Phipps)

Sander has 2 norms (giving him the IM title). He's very close to the 3rd norm (through rating), so he'd "just" have to score his first bot-norm to get to 4, and become GM. My guess is, that Sander would be able to make GM within 3 months, if he really put his mind to it and put in the effort.

Gus simply hasn't been active enough in the DBgF, he has no norms. If he had won big international events, he would have gotten norms for that, but he hasn't - at least it's not registered in our DB. His rating isn't high enough to have gained him anything near a norm there, and he has not played a single match that could be considered for the botnorm since we started the title system. He surely has the game to score norms, but apart from the bot-norm which he could score quickly (or if he would play and win Nordic Open or similar big events, and get a championship norm), he really has a long way to go. He remains one of the worlds strongest players - a fearsome cash game player for sure - he will show some of his talents occasionally in events like DK vs. World or similar, but I'm afraid he will remain borderline inactive and never get a GM title.

I'm not sure why you have Trabolt on your list? He has 5 norms and are already a GM. He was appointed this title upon initiation of the system, due to his strong performances in DBgF play in general and in the big tournaments (WC and Nordic Open). He's very very close to his 6th norm - he just need to raise his ELO rating 50 points and then play around 10-15 matches at that level. Also I think he should be able to score a bot-norm or two relatively easy, should he start to play more in the approved tournaments (and record his matches).

Mads Andersen, currently IM with two norms, is more or less the same story as Gus. Except that he played a little bit more in DBgF when he was strong, compared to Gus (who for the majority of his strong period, has not even lived in Denmark). Thus Mads made quite an attack on the Danish rating list in 2008-11, making it to the number one spot, but without triggering the 1300+ norm (he was only one win away at 1295.3). Mads needs just one thing to get two more norms, more rated matches played - and maybe even shortcut this with a bot-norm, if he has the game for it - I think he would be able to do it though. At his current activity level he will make GM in like 10 years from now.

Thomas Jespersen, like Trabolt a GM from the beginning of the system. I think at 4 norms that is a very precise expression of his strength. I have no clue how his game is today - I haven't played him myself, and I haven't seen any recorded matches from him the last few years. If he should go from GM to SGM, he would need a rating peek (a simple streak higher than where he has been placed normally), a bot-norm or two, and then some big wins. Don't expect him to become SGM.

PJT - he really is a chapter for himself. I don't think most people know how talented this guy was - easily underestimated. His record in DBgF has not been updated (apart from the rating), because he wasn't a member when we introduced the title system, and he hasn't played a single match since we made membership free. It's basically simple, I'm quite sure that if he played a single match (thus becoming an active member) he would have 4 norms and be titled GM. I'm also confident that he would be capable of scoring the first couple of botnorms, without too much effort. I don't know if Hristo has recent data for PJT, if he has, I'd like to hear his opinion on his game. He started out playing tournaments for the first time in 1990 - 4 years later he was the cream of the crop, winning the WC (and making runner up the following year), in fields of 200+ players. He also took down the Nordic Open a few years after.


Bill, I think you should have asked about some other players: Lars Bønding and Brian Elgaard (viffer) - maybe even Thomas Kristensen and Jan Bloxham.

Bønding (who did get 3 norms before "retiring" and Elgaard are the same story as most of the above. Without a doubt in the top-16 in the world at their active period, but not GMs in DBgF. Reasons are the same, they don't play anymore in the DBgF (or just on very few occasions in the team league). If they would, they could (make it to GM today).

Kristensen was strong 10 years ago, then suddenly disappeared for 7-8 years in DBgF, and now plays occasionally (but not enough to make GM). He is one match away from getting a bot-norm, which he doesn't even pursue as far as I know, but just by attending one PR tournament!

Bloxham hasn't played either, for many years. Not sure how many norms he would have with his record, if he became a member again. His game was very strong as well.


All in all, the majority of these big BG talents was lost to poker (or from a DBgF perspective, they moved out of Denmark and pursued professional gambling careers).

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