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bgTranscribe: Automatically Transcribe Films of Matches (pre announcment)

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Tuesday, 7 January 2014, at 11:55 a.m.

In Response To: bgTranscribe: Automatically Transcribe Films of Matches (pre announcment) (sita)

Matthias, I'm 100% in agreement with you, but a lot of people said that it would be too difficult reading checkers, due to color, light, etc.

Of course we have to think about the point you raised (that this project cannot carry 10000 dev. hours, etc. but have to be reasonable sized compared to the "market").


As for my comment about clock/tablet: It was an old thought I had, that if someone wanted to try this, but was too scared of 1) reading the dice consistently, and 2) determining when a turn ends (to cope with checker-shuffling, people correcting checkers that are going off points, cocked rolls, etc.), you could program an app for a tablet or phone, that could be used to generate dice rolls, and used as a clock (or a simple turn indicator). Lay it next to the board (where you usually place your clock), and then you could read the information of the video (not having to synchronize inputs, etc.).

Now you have solved reading the dice, so that only leaves the end-of-turn. If you have a clear (known) indicator in your video stream - such as a tablet-clock-app you control - it should be a piece of cake. Except for the hands-problem, but I suppose you would use the end-of-turn mark and then go frame by frame from that (forward?) until you have a readable board.

The side the dice is rolled in would also be a possible indicator of who's on...


I'm a bit curious: Do you need to calibrate initially the reading of checkers and dice, or is your code robust enough to handle different checker/board/lighting combinations?


It could be so awesome to extend this to AR, when broadcasting or big-screen showing important matches. Augmenting bot evaluations onto the real video feed, either with XG like arrows when players are thinking for more than X seconds, or just flashing ghost-like checkers showing correct moves when players are making mistakes, etc.

It could even be extended to a real-live-board setup, for education/training purposes (or just pure showing off), by placing a projector above the board, flooding the board with white arrows on black backgrounds for suggested moves.

Calibrating a projector shooting angled onto a square board is easy when you have the video stream and known board corners, using the same approach as Johnny Lee do here (substituting light sensors with input from the videostream): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgrGjJUBF_I

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