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My idea for a more skillful side event

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Tuesday, 14 January 2014, at 7:02 p.m.

In Response To: Nackgammon at tournaments (RealNick)

Some people think that there's way to much luck in high level BG and others are exploring ways to make the game more skillful while still keeping it fun.

I propose two things.

1) To take some of the luck out of the game doubles rolled from the bar only result in 2 plays rather than 4. So often the key jokers in a game and in the match are some crushing double from the bar that enters and counter attacks on the other side of the board. For example, I open with 51S and my opp replies 41K and I roll 11 from the roof. All I get to do is to enter both on his ace pt and unlike normal BG I don't get to make my 5 pt, basically negating a joker.

2) To add some skill a Cancel Cube is used. It starts in the middle and can be passed back and forth like a normal cube. The cancel cube will allow one to cancel either his roll or his opp's. For example lets say I open with 21$ and get both hit with 64 and dance with boxes. I can then prior to hitting my clock, say cancel and hand the cube to my opp so that only he can use it for the next cancellation, and roll again, hopefully getting something better than 66. Lets say that the game continues and I get into a holding game and hit the shot my opp has left and then hit my clock. My opp prior to rolling and while thinking on his own time likely will say cancel, and return the cube to me hitting the clock and forcing me to reroll my hitting number. While it is more complicated to use a Cancel Cube, I'd keep the TC the same.

.. neilkaz ..

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