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My idea for a more skillful side event

Posted By: Keene
Date: Tuesday, 14 January 2014, at 7:51 p.m.

In Response To: My idea for a more skillful side event (neilkaz)

I'm against both of these.

The doubles thing would change too many fundamental (in todays variation of Backgammon) aspects. Things like the difficulty of playing doubles from the bar - you sometimes have more than 2 checkers on the bar. Take points would change, slime vig would change, doubling windows would become wider. Checker plays would change to become less aggressive. Admittedly the equity changes would be small, but they would be sufficient and spread across so many positions and situations that it would be making a significant change to plays in general.

The cancel cube - or cancelgammon variant already exists. I believe that the ability to cancel an opponents roll adds to perceived luck, and in fact gives it a net increase in the value of the luck that is attained - thus making it more lucky. The philosophical version of that is much longer.

I believe that things like Nack or Hyper gammon are more skillful events. Or perhaps removing the cube, placing a higher value on checker play (but unfortunately removes the cube skills associated). Just having game variations in general requires higher skill levels. How about a variation of BG that has each player choosing 4 or 5 of his opponents checkers to remove at game start. That would require more skill to play would it not? The implications would vary depending on which checkers were removed, full primes wouldnt be possible, and would keep checkers in play for longer.

Rory's idea last year for the Giants invitational event was pretty good - the series of different scores, etc. I think that was a good amalgamation of ideas to ascertain the skill levels. It wasnt overly popular, but, it was a good step to take.


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