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The Donkey Corner #6

Posted By: Robert Chow
Date: Saturday, 29 March 2014, at 8:05 p.m.

In Response To: The Donkey Corner #6 (Stick)

First position I would play the primitive-looking 6/1, 23/21. Making the 21 pt is important as the gammon danger will then drop significantly and getting all three back checkers to the edge of prime will give real winning chances. Stepping up with 23/21 is not as dangerous as it first appears since White is stripped on his bar, 8 and 9 points. He cannot point on me with 1's and should be reluctant to do so with 3's. Actually, I don't think he should attack with 32,34,or 35 and just play patiently by making his 10 point and a six prime. With 32 he can play 6/4*, 13/10 but then I may still win the battle for the 21 point. Covering the ace point with 6/1 is obvious because a strong board is necessary for the upcoming battle. Also, 66 by White leaves a direct shot.

Playing 24/22 doesn't look risky but then 44,55 and 66 by White would make me regret giving up the 24 point anchor. Also, the danger of being attacked may persist for a few rolls if I fail to anchor on the 22 point; White will be bringing more "wood" down.

Second position Against an equal or lesser opponent I do not redouble as the take looks too easy. I am keeping the cube and hoping for a favorable sequence. Then it's much more likely my opponent will make an incorrect decision. Players at my level or lower are capable of wondrous things.

Against an clearly stronger player I redouble just to make the match shorter. It's possible he might even think I am a hopelessly weak fish and consider passing!?

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