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Could we hear from Nack?

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Thursday, 3 April 2014, at 1:53 p.m.

In Response To: World Team - Your Druthers? (Jake Jacobs)

I doubt that anyone thinks Nack would look bad if recorded...anyone who says that certainly doesn't know Nack. It would be great to know Nack's real reasons and objections to being recorded.

I've heard rumors that he doesn't want people to learn his "tricks" which might be things he does that are different from the bots that he believes are better.

I've also heard it said that when he plays an opponent he doesn't want to try to get the best PR, but get the most wins, and in doing so that might cause him to appear to be a worse player.

My question is this: if he doesn't want to play because people might learn his secrets, what difference does it make if they know his secrets or not if he never plays?

And if the second reason is true, that he doesn't want to look bad doing what he thinks is the best way to win, won't his winning more than prove that he is right, and not the bots?

So I see no way for him to gain by not playing, unless the real reason for not playing is simply his standing on principle, that he believes he has the right to privacy. If that is the case, of course he is entitled to make this decision for himself and I respect that and him for it, but WHAT A LOSS to the backgammon world and what a loss to himself personally! He must enjoy the game or he would never have achieved such skill. And it must give him some discomfort to see others being ranked the best in the world if he knows that he might well be if only he decided to compete.

So, for whatever the reason(s) he has chosen not to play (it could be none of the above...he may simply prefer to devote his time to other interests), please consider this an open plea to reconsider. He was not only a great player, he was always a perfect gentleman and a great role model for all of us, but he was also a great teacher and he shared his thoughts generously when you played him or asked him questions.

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