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Feedback, as requested

Posted By: Keene
Date: Monday, 11 August 2014, at 2:52 p.m.

In Response To: Feedback, as requested (tem_sat)

I have feedback.

The spectators dont care about 'why' something was or wasnt done, we just want whats best for ourselves. Its simple. Give us what we want, and we'll appreciate the experience. There are many events that are changed to accommodate external needs - such as all the advert breaks in professional sports.

So, what do we want? We want commentary. We want XG analysis on the fly. We want an ad-free experience. We want the streaming to NOT cut out. We want to hear the players make noises. We want to hear the commentators being critical. We want to know what the prize money is in advance. We want to know whats going on, when its going on, why its going on, and how we can get benefit from it.

Why did it take so long to get the brackets updated? These should be done almost as soon as the result is logged. Why can't we watch BG all the time? There should be multiple streams, commentators everywhere, a sense of who cares, and why they care.

I say a whole lot of 'we' there, but really, thats me. What else do I want? I want the World Championships to be accessible. Make it so that I can take more part in it!!

On the whole, the current efforts are appreciated - I suppose anything is better than nothing, but there simply isnt enough effort made to make it special. At the Chicago Open, there are probably 5-10 matches available to watch live PER DAY. Why not Monte Carlo? If Backgammon is to flourish, then the big events need to make bigger splashes. Do we really think that ESPN is going to come running to broadcast this if we arent doing anything ourselves?

I watched most of the finals, and saw up to 400+ viewers online. Its likely you would have had 100+ for just about any broadcast match during the event.

Oh, who won the Jackpots? Who won the Doubles? What side events were running? Was Sean the only blogger? Were there any journalists or reporters invited? This is the world championships after all. What was the prize money? Who were the sponsors?

Its ridiculous that the world championships are treated like a little tournament.

So, my feedback? Get your act together, and make a difference. You have the platform. The podium is all yours. Treat it with the passion and respect it deserves.

Keene Marin Player, Director

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