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OT: How Often Do Gamblers Win?

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Saturday, 12 October 2013, at 5:24 p.m.

In Response To: OT: How Often Do Gamblers Win? (jdg)

I live(ed) in Vegas since 91, still do part time. Some years its full time, I've seen it all. For example a couple weeks ago they busted a guy marking cards-Archie Karas. A good friend of mine owns a large casino on the strip. I have know him(not a friend) for over 20 years. I know whales(win or lose $5,000,000/night) personally-the comp's are amazing. I know homeless people who are stone cold degenerates. I own a motel in Down Town a block from Freemont St Experience, all degenerates....

Point is I been around, not bragging, just stating my credentials.

The gambling behavior is the same, only the color of the chips is different for the rich and poor. If you gamble you lose. When I met the casino owner years ago, he asked me if I gamble. I said, "Nope", he replied "good you'll never win". To which I said "If I had a unrestricted gaming license like you, i'd be in action 24/7" and winked. he laughed. He is on the Forbes 400. I'm not :(

You can never out run the vig-ever. when a person does it's temporary.

For people who live in Vegas you gamble or you don't. If you do your broke-no matter what your income is. That is not a over statement, its a fact. anyone who says it isnt is not being truthful(a common problem with gamblers).

My gambling background is pool, there is no vig. Just table time(renting the table at the pool room), that can be over came and I have had many more inning years than losing. I suppose its the same in backgammon.

If anyone has any questions i'm happy to answer.

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