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OT: How Often Do Gamblers Win?

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Sunday, 13 October 2013, at 7:56 a.m.

In Response To: OT: How Often Do Gamblers Win? (Rod)

there are no beatable 21 games left in Vegas.

I'm a advantage player, i kept log of wins/losses of my 21 action for years-I did good overall. However in 2005 they started clamping down on advantage players Downtown and I was eventually barred from every joint.

The strip hasnt had a beatable game in years, Downtown took the last beatable games out in about 08-09.

They changed many rules making it impossible to win. So I stopped playing.

I have no desire or impulse to put $$ in action, I can walk away winner or loser(with a pocket full of $$) gambling isnt a compulsion or disease for me, infact i find it rather boring.

I do like action in pool, and will take the worst of it (to a extent), because thats the best way to improve in pool. Playing better players in action, not for free. IMO thats a waste of time after a couple yeas of learning just by playing, I referring taking it to a higher standard of play. SO I have lost $100 playing a good player and turned around the next day and won $200 from a weaker player partially attributed to playing the stronger guy first). Those days are all but gone in pool. There is very little action and nobody has much gamble any more. sad.

I have no addictive issues, if someone does then they shouldn't play in casino's now, there is ZERO shot at winning. Excluding poker as it is a game of skill as well(not my bag)

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