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All matches in Vegas and my PR

Posted By: greedygammon
Date: Friday, 6 December 2013, at 6:30 p.m.

In Response To: All matches in Vegas and my PR (Kathy Weiner)

Yes, Japanese people are very polite. I challenge anyone to show me an example of any Japanese player complaining about their luck or their opponent's good rolls. A common silly and inconsiderate behaviour even at the top levels.

As for publicly posting PR, the notion that this somehow "takes away good feeling" of the winner is ABSURD. When I play a bot and win I don't sulk because the bot happened to make no mistakes and i only won by luck. Playing Mochy is like playing a bot. You KNOW you gotta be lucky to win the match. Besides, there is a common misunderstand regarding PR and the notion that one player has "outplayed" the opponent. NO!!. This is WRONG. If your eror rate is higher it could be you had difficult rolls to play than your opponent. The ony way one could say they "outplayed" their opponent is if they played the same rolls and positions as their opponent.

It is because of the bots that the level of skill in backgammon has soared in recent years. We learn A LOT by studying matches where even experts sometimes make a mistake. To suggest that someone is being impolite by posting a bot analysis to a match is the dumbest sh*t I ever heard LOL.. come on now please take back your stupid comment and apologize to Mochy for questioning his manners. It is YOUR manners that are questionable. Sorry if my language is harsh but I can't stand by and not respond with righteous indignation when someone spouts off nonsense about one of the greatest bg players of all time and who also happens to be the nicest (impeccably polite) person you could ever hope to meet

Top 3 players on GreedyGammon

othello 1944 Japan
replicamaster 1800 Japan
Ishikawa 1734 Japan

All very polite challenging and a pleasure to play.

maareyes at greedygammon.com (email)
http://greedygammon.com (home )
http://greedygammon.com/support (support discussion FAQ)

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