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BGRoom Dispute

Posted By: PlayHunter
Date: Wednesday, 18 February 2015, at 11:41 p.m.

I strongly believe that BGRoom backs up bot assisted players (or at least they don't care if there are any).

I will explain in one short paragraph: I save game logs and send this evidence to BGRoom that certain players play long matchgames with near zero error rate according to Extreme Gammon and demand my lost stakes back. BGRoom replies me saying: "There are lots of players with very high rankings and they make minimum mistakes during their games due to huge experience they have in that game. That does not mean that they use additional programmes to calculate their game steps."

Backgammon top players and backgammon software developers I feel I need your support on this issue by answering me the following question:

Are there any humans who are able to constantly play with an error rate of less than 1.00 in this world?

-------------- Story at large: --------------

*Continue to read only if you want to read a full and probably lengthy story, but the core of it really is resumed above.

Match 1 I play against "ffujf667" a 9 point match, after 9 games I win. I played with a 4.9 error rate, he played with a 0.6 error rate.

Match 2 I play against "ffujf667" a second 9 point match (I accorded him the rematch), after 8 games he wins. I played with a 3.3 error rate, he played with a 0.5 error rate.

Match 3 I play against "katrilko" a 15 point match, after 18 games he wins. I played with a 4.6 error rate, he played with a 0.7 error.

Match 4 I play against "Pin-Up-Babe" a 7 point match, after 4 games he wins. My error rate 2.5 and his error rate 0.5

All games were played same day and had stakes between $100-$200. After this experience I request BGRoom to refund my lost stakes and they tell me something like "hold on boy, there are many guys experienced enough to play (nearly) perfect". Exactly, in one day I've just met the top 3 intergalactic best bg players at BGRoom for somewhat lowish stakes for a long match.

I really need to know what is the current error rate of top 10 best backgammon players in the world? I know there are some lists, but I think the ones I've found are outdated by a few good years now - I would need a somewhat actual list. Please help me with this info.

And I would also want to know if you think I should be entitled to request lost stakes refund when I find such strong evidence of bot usage? (Also I am very curious to hear your opinion about BGRoom response - are they fair or they break their own anti-bot policy?)

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