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BGRoom Dispute

Posted By: Jake Jacobs
Date: Friday, 20 February 2015, at 2:43 a.m.

In Response To: BGRoom Dispute (John O'Hagan)

John, I think PlayHunter played two matches with one opponent, and one each with two others. One or two matches does not establish someone's PR. We have all played matches with PRs under 1.0. Four in one day might be suspicious, but usually when sites have caught cheats in the past they have done extensive monitoring, and have found the cheat to play consistently at some phenomenally low level.

I don't think any site has done more than kick the cheats off their site. I am not aware of cases where restitution was made. It does not sound like BGRoom plans to pursue the matter, so PlayHunter should take his action elsewhere. That is true whether or not they were actually bots.

Unlike some, I sympathize with him. He didn't know he was "walking in a bad neighborhood" when he was mugged by these bots. (If they were bots, and he was mugged.) Now he knows the pitfalls.

Elsewhere my name came up as one cheated online. In that post the event supposedly happened in the 80s. F.I.B.S. wasn't founded until 1992, and it was a number of years before many Americans discovered it. The actual chouette took place in the late nineties, the cheat being caught about fifteen years ago and banned. I think I played a total of ... once? I was saved by boredom, not suspicion, as online play never appealed to me.

I have heard of some major cheating scandals, and have heard that one player (much was made of this in discussions here on BG Online) made more than ten million dollars with bots he had programmed to play with a PR of about 4.0 to avoid detection.

Play with people you know and trust, or do not play for money.

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