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BGRoom Dispute

Posted By: Keene
Date: Thursday, 19 February 2015, at 5:18 p.m.

In Response To: BGRoom Dispute (PlayHunter)

So, there's a couple of factors here. The people that are willing to play these matches at these stakes with you - are they playing them among themselves also? Why are you playing unknown quantities at these stakes?

You are making a choice here, and the ramifications are upsetting you. Unfortunately, we aren't playing on a level playing field here. There is a risk that you are playing against bots. From the data you have gathered, its likely that these are bot players. However, its also possible that they are humans that choose to remain under a cloak. You might be playing Mochy, Michy, MCG etc. In the online BG world there are a large number of very VERY strong players that choose this.

I used to play a lot of online, and I had a list of players I wouldnt touch - for whatever reason. Either they own me, or I know who they are, or I know they are a bot player.

My suggestion to you - get a gamesgrid / gridgammon account, and play on there. I know people that would be happy to play you at those stakes on that site.

Also, follow up with BGRoom - keep chasing them, although demanding your money back because you lost probably isnt a good way to do it. Just ask for investigations, point out the reputation loss, all the variables. If they do come back and say, yes, these players are using bots, then take it up with them again.

Short: Stay away from BGRoom. Go to a reputable site. Advertise on here for opponents. I'm sure Stick would play you for those rates for any match length. Stay away from BGRoom.

Even though I could play there, I choose not to. In fact, I really really miss the whole online bg thing. It used to provide me with some good income.


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