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BG on android live

Posted By: NJ
Date: Monday, 14 October 2013, at 5:18 p.m.

In Response To: BG on android live (Igor)

First, the Android version of Backgammon NJ supports the most popular screen resolutions. In fact, it supports a resolution that is very close to that of the Nexus 4, and the board would have filled almost the entire screen of that device.

All of our boards are hand-drawn from scratch. Because of this and the fact that there are literally many thousands of different configurations of Android devices, it's simply not possible for us to support every single configuration. However, we do try our best to support the most popular resolutions.

Second, by no means does the above imply that we didn't "make a proper port", as you put it, of our iOS version. So far, only 1% of our users are using a Nexus 10. Thus we currently don't support the native resolution of that device. The resolutions that we do support are clearly stated in the app description. Thus potential users can determine beforehand whether their device is supported natively. However, we do continually evaluate and will add support for additional resolutions as they become more popular.

Third, the Android version of Backgammon NJ is equivalent to Backgammon NJ HD for iOS (which supports all iOS device types), and both versions are exactly the same price. I don't think you realize the amount of work it takes to develop an app, especially one that's very complex. It can be many months of work and testing to add significant features each update for little reward, since updates (for the time being) have been free. I also do this on the side, as app development is unrelated to my regular full-time job.

Currently, the Android version doesn't include online play, but we do plan to add real-time online play in our next update (Google Play version). However, dfunkt noted that he won't have home internet in the future, and online play (especially in real-time) works best over a stable wifi connection, as opposed to a cellular network, especially if the user is moving from one location to another.

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