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Let's update the list 2014

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Thursday, 8 May 2014, at 5:30 a.m.

In Response To: Remember Cato The Elder/My opinions for what they are worth (Jake Jacobs)

It is not always easy to pick out who is the "best" active backgammon player in another area, but it is in some areas, and in others we can probably pick two or three that qualify.

So, I am willing to start the ball rolling, using the criteria that we are talking about people who continue to be active backgammon players...meaning they are continue to compete in backgammon tournaments from time to time. That rules out Nack, who would be high on the list or best in a few other games and areas, and Corbett who would be high on the list in Tennis and Scrabble, and other non-active players. So, here's my quick first shot and list:

Help me fill in the blacks or correct me, please, and what major games or sports have I left out?:

Poker: Gus has to be No. 1 but I'm not sure, given the above criteria, who elso to put near the top...Sander? Wells? Magriel?

Chess: Senk? Robertie? Victor? Neil? MCG?

Scrabble: Jake?

Hearts: Stick claims to be great; Sly says he's one of the best. Hard to say.

Bridge: Woolsey has to be the choice

Gin Rummy: Not enough data, but I think Howard Markowitz and I would be willing to take on all comers (other than Michael Sall who is not an active on the backgammon scene.

Go? (No brainer for Nack if he were eligible)

Othello? I know David Rockwell has great skill here.

Shogi? Again, I know Rockwell is skilled here.

Tennis: Gus seems to be the clear choice

Ping Pong: Maybe Steve Hast gets the nod here

Trivial Pursuit: Jake?

Blackjack: Jake?

Racquetball: Munitz from what I understand.

Basketball: ?

Baseball: ?

Soccer: ?

Cricket: ?

Accomplished musician: ?

Golf: ?

Pool: ?

Skiing: ?

Track and Field: ?

Gymnastics: ?

Boxing: ?

Fencing: ?

Polo: ?

Swimming: ?

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