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Playoff with three finalists

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Friday, 8 January 2010, at 5:53 p.m.

In Response To: Playoff with three finalists (Bill)

Honestly it should be standard when we have a draw of 24 or 48 in a "normal" format event to playoff amoung the 3 remaining players. This also means that if we have 48 and play down to 3, we haven't had any byes earlier which is a really nice thing !

It is trivial to compute a fair settlement to equalize each of the remaining 3 players' equity based on having the player who gets the bye compensate each of the other 2 players equally and in such a manner that each players' equity is the same.

The problem with your idea is that it seems that the loser of rd 1 gets nothing while if a player who didn't get the bye wins both matches he gets all the money while the other two get nothing.

Here's an example of the compensation method in action.

Lets say there's 7200 available for main prizes (not conso or LC..main).

There's 3 players left. A bye is drawn and B gets that bye and A&C have to play the extra match.

The prize pool is set so that 1st place is 2/3 or 4800 and 2nd place is 1/3 or 2400.

B compensates A&C by giving each of them 600 or 1/12 of the prize pool available for main prizes.

Now B's equity is 1/2 of 7200 = 3600 - the 1200 compensation he's paid out= 2400.

A&C have equity of (50%x0)+ 25%(2400)+25%(4800)=1800 + 600 compensation received from B = 2400.

ABT points should be distributed in the same manner, of course.

Now each one of the 3 gets paid something and if someone wins both matches he gets 5400.

... neilkaz ...

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