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Basic ace deuce backgame cube/ RO

Posted By: Keene
Date: Monday, 15 July 2013, at 2:04 p.m.

In Response To: Basic ace deuce backgame cube/ RO (Bob Koca)

When thinking about the human aspect of this (playing the white side), it gets tricky as the made blue points drop down to 2 and 3 checkers on each. Suddenly, white has to start making some strong committal plays - for example leaving the acepoint anchor, leaving the twopoint anchor in order to maximize the shots, the efficiency etc. This is against the natural way to play an acepoint game, as in those, you typically dont abandon (unless you can save the gammon) until you have to, in order to keep your future equity higher.

So, as a human player, even though the take is quite significant, I can see why some wouldnt want to take it, and how many would not play it as well as the bots would. I think this is the key to the position. The bot will play white just about perfectly, maximizing opportunities, the human will more naturally be too defensive, protecting against nasty doublets, and being pointed off one of the 2 points. Thats just the 'getting a shot' phase of the game. How about after you hit that shot? The 'containment' phase isnt always so easy either. There are often lots of little ways you can mess that up too - both in checker play, and in conceptual theory play.

These are tricky positions to play, I think the average open player should consider the drop for longer. I for one might just want to get out of it for 1 pt, depending on my mood. (Do I want to play it out? How has the session been for me so far? Is my opponent getting in my head?)

I respect the technical easy take part, and armed with that knowledge am significantly more inclined to take in practice, but I can see some problems with it.


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