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Here's a reason why BG should be touch move

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Tuesday, 26 November 2013, at 8:32 p.m.

In Response To: Here's a reason why BG should be touch move (Stick)

Stick "Neil has said in the past that he doesn't have the energy to pay close attention to his opponent's moves in the sense of whether they're making the right move or not. I imagine at the end of a long weekend and match this is an extension of that."

What I've said is that I often don't spend much time worrying about whether my opp has made the techically correct move. Certainly, I'd worry about my opp making the legally correct move.

I don't know how I missed this. I was shattered exhausted on Saturday even during my earlier matches with Carter and Steve, but didn't feel so bad on Sunday but was clearly off my game and let my emotions and frustrations get the better of me with a sick take after misplaying many aspects of that game. In an earlier I'd miscounted pips by 12 and it took me a few rolls to realize.

I should've seen this since my reasoning for not anchoring on the 22 pt being more than a 66 behind and not fearing a G AtS was that my opp had that somewhat awkward stack on his 6 pt and had some bad rolls like 61 and if I got pointed on, I had that joker 64 and chances to anchor deeper in his board (hoping I could make his 2 pt as I later did). Of course his bad rolls could also occur and later turns, but the illegal move turned his 61 into a very fine roll.

Maybe the future of our game is to go completely computerized. Both players connect their laptops to a network with a server just like GG for example. The players still sit facing each other but there are two monitors back to back (one for each player). Now there are no disputes about what was rolled, no fast rolling, no mistakes as to how long the match is, no disputes about someone cubing at Crawford, no concerns about dice cheating or poor shaking and rolling, no cocked dice or dice on the floor, no illegal moves or disputes about such...etc etc etc.

I also think at least the finals of huge events like this should have a human monitor. However, even he/she could've missed this as friends who were kib'ing never saw this illegal move and also reported that no one in the crowd made a even a slight sound. Quite often when something like this occurs with many live watchers, someone in the crowd gasps or something.

I strongly feel that BG at the Championship level should be touch-move and as posted on FB, Mochy agrees with me. It may not be easy to implement and disputes may arise from bumped checkers but certainly something could implemented. It will be more difficult to play doubles and take more visualization and time, but BG is supposed to be a game of skill. I'd also add a bit more time to the TC for touch move.

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