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Podium's, Award Ceremonies and Other Acknowledgement's-little long

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Friday, 24 January 2014, at 8:38 p.m.

In Response To: Giving up the last chance is just bad (Mochy)

A bit of insight from a American,

Over the past 8 years I have spent over 2+ years(close to 3 in Europe); and from my observations regardless of the sport when the event is over, most of the time there is a ceremony and a podium to acknowledge the winner and other top finishers. Even in local low level sport there is a ceremony of sorts in all of Europe. No matter the size of the venue or sport the top finishers are given a well earned wonderful duly earned acknowledgment of their success among their peers. don't matter if its the top pro's or the new guys. I feel this is a good incentive for players at any level no matter what the game/sport is. Positive affirmation is never a bad thing. Speaking for myself if I did good and a Giant clapped his/her hands because I did good would encourage me to play more and study harder. Recognition for success in any sport from your peers(Or even better the top players) is a positive reinforcement to keep people in the game. The top guys pissing on the weaker players is cancer for any game or sport(i'm not saying that's happening in BG, i don't know, in pool it happens)and I have seen the results of that.

Back to sport in America. In sharp contrast in America when the game, race, event is over its just over that's it. In most sport most of the time. Pack your kit/bags/board/cue/bocce balls/helmet and go home-ASAP. That's the American way. Big or small event it don't matter, its over go home, or go home even before its over.

The exception might be the Olympics when they are held in America(however as we all know its a international event-thus the podium format) and the last game in football, basketball and baseball for the winners only-they get a celebration. No podium's here...2nd finishers just go home with no recognition(to speak of) My point, is it is important to have a ceremony and/or podium or both. The Walk away when its done mentality of American sport is poor form IMO. Bodybuilding is one of the few exceptions where there is a podium finish-and some power lifting events. Its a rare bird in America.

I noticed this specific cultural difference after a year in Europe, perhaps less. There are lots of things that are "missing" in America that are a nice touch too things in life. I dont see podium finishes happening in America for a very long time if ever. Its just not part of our culture. :(

I think id BG were to adopt that here more in America it would be a very nice touch, I'm not sure how much of that is done with BG here as i'm new around here, however I fully support the idea of it.

kindest regards

eric petersen

PS: pls forgive my grammar and spelling, i do my best.

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