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Runoff USBGF Election

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Tuesday, 18 February 2014, at 9:32 p.m.

In Response To: Runoff USBGF Election (Perry Gartner)

I wonder why Perry would not want to have a public discussion with me? Because I pose hard questions? Don't kiss his ass? Question authority and his ethics?

Plain and simple I talked to the director, (Rick Wolfe), at the last Florida tournament because he picked me up at the airport in Florida. On the way in he gave me unsolicited information regarding the call Perry made to him in conference with President elect, Bill Riles. He said Perry told him to sever ties with Neal Weiner. At which time he, (Rick), informed Perry that he had known both of them for a period of time and that Perry could not hold Neal's jock strap. Maybe I paraphrased that a little just then. I then posted a hypothetical question here I believe, wondering if Perry might not have called other people because the attendance was down in Florida. Some people have confirmed it, but would prefer not to be named. It just seems to me that a fighter does not flinch unless a punch hits close to home. If Perry does not want public responses from me then he probably should NOT make public statements about me, just my opinion.

Anyway the reason Perry made that call with his president elect, was because he was asked to step down, as I understand it. I wasn't in the BOD meeting. They didn't make Richard Nixon the Secretary of State after he resigned. Perry is a nice old guy, and good businessman. He is a bit out of touch with the common people who tend to PLAY our game. When is the last ABT event you saw Perry at an ABT event, and why was he there?

Perry had his chance, let Dorn step in. I can guarantee you he is more in touch from a players standpoint. I personally have lost all respect for Perry as he is starting to sound like the little boy who cried wolf. He keeps saying I have misrepresented situations, and that is inaccurate to say the least.

I have learned that even as a deposed president Perry continues to insist that his programs be carried out by the new management. I guess he is a control freak too, unless that is another of my misrepresentations.

See ya, Perry!

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