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Runoff USBGF Election

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Tuesday, 18 February 2014, at 9:48 p.m.

In Response To: Runoff USBGF Election (Perry Gartner)

AS for the books and contributions and memberships I thought it unethical to offer a free blitz to attract underage children.I told Karen I never thought anything she did was fraudelent. I did not and still do not approve of offering free blitz if you join USBGF

Perry believes it was me that did not wish him to attend FT Lauderdale. I will always stay loyal to my friends . Perry does not know the full story.

As far as physically threatening, well lets see I am a retired Correction Officer. I know the law, I called you a liar PERRY and I stand by that. Where was the threat ?

Perry, perhaps explain why Rick, myself, My Wife and The Tarpon springs people and directors do not miss you ?

If the letter you are referring to was so full of review and correct and accurate....Why did you apologize ?

If you were so wonderful, why is there a runoff election. Phil campaigned for you hard. I am quite certain that the newer people do not know who you are and voted for you cause PHIL asked. Those who are in the know and members , know the USBGF is in need of change and I hope we do not pass up this chance to elect Dorn Bishop.

I will state right here and now I love the game of backgammon. I attend events for the social value. I founded the PRO Team for fun and you can look from top to bottom was there NEVER any profit motivation of any kind. Even our live event we went above and beyond to offer the best. Any one who knows me understands all the facts and at the end of the day yours will always be distorted.......I have no motive other than to enjoy with my my friends.

Wish to continue Three to Two Gartner. Of course you wish to back off...you cannot win the debate.

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