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I love Dorn Too

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Tuesday, 18 February 2014, at 8:57 p.m.

In Response To: I love Dorn Too (phil simborg)

"TEACH CHILDREN to play backgammon because: *****It will improve their math skills; It will help them learn deductive reasoning; It will teach them probability and odds; They will learn to deal with and accept uncertainty and luck; They will learn an intellectual activity they can participate in with adults; They will have a great hobby they can enjoy for the rest of their life." BY PHIL SIMBORG

Phil like usual makes my argument for me. A few years ago his statement was Backgammon is the best way to teach math. This was said by him at the tournament in Pittsburgh. He has modified that statement quite a bit since then. However the above was written by him recently and I totally agree.

What I am opposed to and I will STAY opposed to and he leaves out the USBGF introduces KIDS to live events and play for money. In fact they encourage it by adding money to the prize. My stand is you can teach all of the above you state without doing what I oppose. Why do you never mention that children are allowed to play for money at Live events PHIL. My opposition starts and ends there. So now that I clarified your embellishment, answer the question. Is it Ok for children to play for money at live events ?

As far as Perry being your best friend or in fact anyone being your best friend. I have seen you kiss more ass and it piles so high it explains your eyes. In my case it either happened or it did not. If Bill Riles interjects here and denies my point Ill take it from here. I was led to believe that the USBGF has had enough of Perry Gartner. Lets see what happens and we take it from there. ^5 NEAL

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