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Why would I play on yet another site?

Posted By: greedygammon
Date: Sunday, 15 September 2013, at 5:26 p.m.

In Response To: Why would I play on yet another site? (Phil Simborg)

BG sites come and go. Take TrueMoneyGames for instance. They were popular for a while and faded away. Play65 has morphed into some glitzy facebook app. Where to play? FIBS is ok but clients are limited as to what features they can implement because the server is a fixed separate entity. GreedyGammon is a natural progression for me of moving from a FIBS client to a complete solution where both the server and client are in cahoots.

As to facing beginners, the users are rated so you would know who to play based on your own ratings. Also there could be other features implemented like private rooms or rating restricted rooms.

Bots are there for convenience. Not everyone likes them but they are popular on FIBS where there was a time you had to fight to play a bot. You would wait and wait and as soon as it was ready, someone else would invite it and you had to wait for them to finish. Also bots are a good way to practice. And playing a bot on an online setting where games are rated, where others can watch and chat with you is a different experience than playing an offline bot. If you are a good player its a good way to get your ratings up fast as the formula rewards beating a high rated player. Greedygammon bots have a constant rating of 2000.

It is my intention to provide a pleasant playing experience for backgammon aficionados. Any issue that interferes with that will be dealt with effectively. Maybe new users could be herded into a holding pen where they stay until they earn the right to join the privileged sections.

ONe of the reasons I started with FIBS clients is that I enjoyed watching high rated players battle the bots, but was annoyed I could not see animated pieces moving. I would see a roll and them bam.. the position would instantly change with absolutely NO way to know (for me) what pieces were moved from where to where. This was unacceptable so as they say.. if you want it done right do it yourself and here we are.

It has always been my goal to provide an aesthetically pleasing experience for backgammon. This is not so important for some people who are quite comfortable playing with X and O on a scrolling ascii screen hehehehe .. NO!! this doesn't work for me. Backgammon is an amazing game and I need an interface that is equal to the best chess and checkers interfaces with good shaded board and checkers good animation and pleasant sound effects. Something I can use for hours without getting eye fatigue and a headache. I believe I have achieved this with greedygammon as I have racked up over 10k exp points and some users are returning and playing daily so it is worth a try I think.



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