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New online BG server GreedyGammon

Posted By: greedygammon
Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2013, at 4:51 a.m.

In Response To: New online BG server GreedyGammon (Jason Lee)

a better resume function will soon be implemented but the site is definitely usable as it is right now. I have played many player vs player matches and never had any disconnect issues and bot games will resume anyway. Player vs player was recently implemented so im still working out how to handle interruptions. Since the bots are instanced to each player on demand, there is no problem with resuming whenever the player logs back in. But obviously resuming a dropped game with players who may not always be online at the same time, how long to wait for resuming, state of the match when the connection was dropped all have to be taken into consideration. The current setup is a barebones minimal features implementation. Tweaks will be applied to bring it up to speed.

Ok im too lazy to start a new thread so I just add this here... One interruption that is currently a problem is the timer. I have set it too low (15 sec/move 90 sec reserve) due to my inexpeirence with live play. I set it close to what I remembered the normal speed play65 timers were set to. Upon reading up on tourney timer settings i came across this from Chicagopoint.com pages

------------------- 2.1 SINGLES MATCHES. Reserve time is based on match length. Reserve time for each player is set at two (2) minutes per match point, less one (1) minute per point already scored by either player. The per move deductible is 12 seconds per move for each player. Both players shall confirm the proper setting of the clocks.


Ok so this seems like a good setting to use. But i an a bit confused about the "less one (1) minute per point already scored by either player" part. What does that mean? Say a 7 pt match is setup. I would set the timers to 12sec/move and 14 minutes reserve. If player A wins the first game and score is now 2-0 are the timers set different than when the match started? Is the 14 minutes for the duration of the match?


maareyes http://greedygammon.com maareyes@greedygammon.com

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