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Standardized match posting - PR?

Posted By: Keene
Date: Friday, 13 December 2013, at 4:45 p.m.

In Response To: Standardized match posting - PR? (Rod)

See, thats the thing isnt it. Using the matches to know your opponent is one way to utilize these files. However, will you really sit down and think to yourself "this guy might play a 10 today, or he might play a 5" - and be able to use that information? Will you play dramatically differently? I wont - I will still try and play the best I can. I suppose there may be a psychological aspect here - knowing that a 'name player' typically plays a 7 or whatever may reduce impacts related to the psychological piece of your own mind - less fear / more aggression / etc etc.

For me, the value I get from these is that there is a wide range of players, and they will have different strengths and weaknesses. What I want is to learn from their strengths, and add it to my own skillset. example - you may play holding games better than most people (I dont know), so I want to study your holding game positions, and see what you are doing that makes you better than most. Thats a benefit to me. Of course, I dont know if you play them well or not, however I do know that we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and thats where I want to study. My own weaknesses by using other peoples strengths.

As for PR's themselves, they matter less to me. I already know that NK plays great, Petko plays great, MCG plays great etc. Will my own play vs them change? Doubt it. When you start changing your own play to suit your opponent, then you start down a road of false justification, and you will ultimately suffer in terms of quality of play, and in results.

Another good example here is the Stepan / Howard match - so both players had an off match, I know that, and I would assume that it wont happen terribly often, so data there is no good to me. However, a normal match of either of theirs may well give me more useful information.


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