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Standardized match posting - PR?

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Friday, 13 December 2013, at 5:13 p.m.

In Response To: Standardized match posting - PR? (Rod)

7.7 I saw that here and I was a little disappointed in myself. However I have stated all along that it is particularly difficult to take best advantage of moves that are unfamiliar to you.

If you are studying XG and your opponents at the local club are not, you are not going to see stuff you expect. How then to best make your plays? This is why I think it is ridiculous to become competent at the game and be reluctant to move up. It will still be hard to win the intermediate title, and you will be mad because you are losing to clowns a lot. It is more palatable to lose to Petko, trust me.

I love Jon Vietor, and he Vietorized 3 pretty good players on his way to me this trip in the quarterfinals. Stick's opening rollouts don't cover the best responses to an opening 64 played two down, slotting the bar and 9 points. Jon did that twice, he was in ultra pure mode. Another time he slotted the bar and brought down a spare to the 8 point with an opening 65. I may not have got those responses right, as I never rolled a 6 to hit.

Meanwhile, after going up 1-0, Jon never got another point so I ended up in lead protection mode. Like the prevent defense, it doesn't work very well. Trying not to lose is in general not the right idea OTB, in a match, or even in life.

Keep in mind too, that one time I lost to Jon Vietor in the finals @ Pittsburgh. I played 3.3, and he outplayed me and pounded me into the frozen turf. Women surrounded the table and could not contain their emotions because Jon is such a perfectly respectable human. You want to advertise that he played a 15?

In the aftermath of the match I pointed out to Jon that any ONE of three plays would be acceptable with an opening 64, and counseled him against slotting the 9 and bar points. Howard played him later on Sunday in the Seniors, and reported to me that Jon split every single opening move.

Jon Vietor LISTENS! You have to love that guy, don't you?

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