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What Would the Ruling Be?

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Thursday, 5 February 2015, at 12:49 p.m.

In Response To: What Would the Ruling Be? (Stick)

If I were the director and the players disagreed what was rolled, I would be forced to state that the roll on the table was the roll, and the 5-4 would stand. (The player who moved the dice and moved so quickly was at fault and was the one who created the problem and is the one, when there is doubt, that should be ruled against.)

If I were the director and heard Karen say that she was sure she rolled a 4-4, and Phil say he didn't see the dice as Karen moved them quickly, I would ask Phil if he has any reason to doubt Karen's confidence in her belief that she rolled a 4-4, and if Phil was a gentleman and said he had no doubt (which is what I would have said) then the 4-4 would stand.

If I had not been playing Karen Davis, or one of the many other people I completely trust and like in this game, and I was put on the spot in this manner, I might have refused to answer the question and state that it is not my place to judge the veracity of my opponent, and I would honestly say that I just did not see the roll, and I would let the director decide. In that situation, if I were the director, and someone with Karen Davis' reputation told me she was sure, I would give her the 4-4. If it was someone who had a shady reputation for honesty, or for taking shots, I might well rule against him, or I might simply require the player to roll again. And if Karen had said she was not really sure, then I would rule that the 5-4 stands.

I have been in this, and other situations like this before, and I can assure you that if we did not have a video to go back and see the dice, the director would never have been called. If Karen told me she rolled a 4-4 I would have simply allowed it to be a 4-4. I only asked to check the video here because there is always a chance that she could have been mistaken and there was a sure way to check it, so why not check it?

I agree with Stick...if the dice had been on the table for a few seconds and then hit and I claimed not to see the roll, shame on me...it is probably me who is taking the shot. But I honestly never saw the roll as she immediately moved and hit the dice.

Remember, she broke the rules by moving the dice and by moving the checkers too rapidly, and without a video I would have been completely within my rights to insist that the 5-4 stands, even though my opponent claims to have seen a 4-4. If I had seen a 4-4 and done that, then I would have been, in my opinion, a cheater and liar and I would not want to go through life thinking that of myself. But if I honestly didn't see the dice, as was the case here, I would still give my opponent the benefit of the doubt and the 4-4 roll UNLESS I really disliked my opponent or felt he was a bad actor, in which case I would call the director and expect him to rule in my favor and let him the "the bad guy"--that's why he gets paid the big bucks. Fortunately, in the game today, there are hardly any players I feel so little respect for that I would not give them the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I can't think of a single active player in the Open Division that regularly plays today (in the U.S.) that I would not completely trust. I could not say that a few years ago, and I think that speaks very highly for the game.

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