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I didn't see "She broke the rules"

Posted By: Backgame
Date: Friday, 6 February 2015, at 9:14 a.m.

In Response To: What Would the Ruling Be? (Jason Lee)


I’m providing one set of comments on two of your posts on this subject. I’m not picking on you, but I am of the opinion that some of your rule quotes and assumptions are erroneous. Let me first preface this with – I completely agree with Stick on his notion that the discussion should be about Player A and Player B, regardless of who they may be. A little hard to do when we’re all viewing placards with the parties’ names in front us, but nonetheless correct especially as some of the discussion involves global remedies.

I also agree 100% (ok I’m told to use 99.9% to be on the safe side) with your ultimate conclusion i.e., “we all really hope that the players can resolve things on their own and not try to exercise the letter of the law. All I am saying is, all else being absolutely equal, and in the absence of the players being able to reach an equitable resolution on their own, in this situation, the director MUST rule against the player who knocked the dice"based on the visible evidence , i.e. 5 4 is the roll shown on the table.

My points:

(A) ” The fact remains, however, SHE BROKE THE RULES. You're required to move the checkers in a clear and unambiguous manner.” The rule actually says “ 4.3 MOVING. A player shall move the checkers in an unambiguous manner, using only one hand.....” There is nothing about “clear.” Player A rolled a great number and got excited. She moved the checkers quite rapidly, but I see nothing ambiguous in her actions. She played each 4 independently, touching the checker on each of the intermittent points in intervals of 4 scooped up the two hit blots and placed them on the bar and then took off the last checker – all with one hand. Furthermore, the play was forced and legal moves was in effect. Had Player B (who demonstrated intense concentration and cat like reflexes every time the baffle box was missed) been paying the least bit of attention on this critical roll, he would have immediately known the outcome.

(ii) ” The fact remains, however, SHE BROKE THE RULES ….. you are not allowed to touch the dice after they have been rolled. It's actually a rule, folks!!!” ... “I think the rule that says you may not touch the dice is a good example.” I’d like to see that rule. Some of your rules quotes seem to come from the fairly recent Simborg draft rules that were deemed in effect at previous TX opens, but not this time. I do see in the actual tournament rules in effect - (ABT) U.S. Backgammon Tournament Rules & Procedures January 2009 - 4.3 MOVING....a player shall not touch any checkers or dice during the opponent’s turn.

(3) ” Nobody questions [Player A’s] integrity.”.... "Since we know who was involved, we all know there is no way in a bazillion years that is what happened.” Going back to your conclusion on the matter (in part – ” we all really hope that the players can resolve things on their own”) why then was there any need to call the director? I believe the above statements to be true and would've never considered bothering the director after an adamant statement from this Player A. However, again back to your conclusion - had I been an ass that wasn't paying attention and chose to call the director – absent the video and any reliable witnesses to verify - then I believe the only possible ruling is that the 5 4 clearly on the table would stand, regardless of Player A or B’s status and reputation.


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