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Imaginary Scenario

Posted By: Bill Riles
Date: Monday, 7 May 2012, at 3:10 p.m.

In Response To: Imaginary Scenario (Tom Keith)

Sorry, your entire scenario is contrived and ridiculous.

A player ONLY picks up the dice, with or without a clock, for one reason -- to signify the completion of his turn. If he/she errs in doing so while playing with a clock then he/she pays a penalty by needlessly allowing their own clock to run until they realize, on their own or by prompting, the error of their ways.

Dare you wish to make the same ridiculous argument in relation to doubling? Your opponent places the cube on the board before you, with or without verballing announcing his/her intent to cube, releases the cube, and then removes it before hitting the clock. You're going to try to tell us the opponent did not double? I've seen circumstances where the cuber has forgotten to hit the clock and then a question may arise over the obligation of the recipient of the cube to notify the cuber to hit the clock. But the question has never arisen to the irrevocable action of cubing.

To me, it sounds only symptomatic of a societal trend toward abdication of personal responsibility -- some want it to always be someone else's fault or that it wasn't spelled out clearly, rather than just accepting that they screwed up and move on. Or they want to bend the rules and/or game the system to their advantage on a technicality. Enough of it. I don't know you and, perhaps, you're only playing rhetorical games for amusement. Either way, enough of it.

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