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My position on Legal Moves

Posted By: Stick
Date: Sunday, 3 November 2013, at 10:15 p.m.

In Response To: My position on Legal Moves (Bill Davis)

A lot of the time when a player makes an illegal move the opponent will have to think about whether he wants the play to stand or not under the current rules. With legal moves a cheat would still have to cycle through this to decide if the play was advantageous to him or whether he wanted to abide by the rules and have it corrected. This window, however short, is a huge sign that the person noticed the illegal play. This not only gives the player who made an illegal move the time to also realize it and thus play it legally but would make quick note of any cheats who did exist in the game if they didn't point out the illegal play when it happened.

Your fast roll scenario is solved by clocks/one set of dice so I am far less concerned with it.

I think a good question to ask all of us who have been asking our opponents to play legal moves and playing legal moves matches all this time is have we ever had an instance where we thought the opponent tried to cheat us by not pointing out a move? I would assume these *criminals* would agree to play legal moves by your logic noting that it would only help them and they could ignore the agreement if they so pleased. I have never had a problem with anyone fwiw.

Other sports/games have rules that people could take advantage of in a similar fashion and none of them seem to suffer. I don't know why you think the crowd that attends tournament backgammon events are so slimy on the whole.

Since you told me via email that you once (more than once?) ruled two players who had agreed to play legal moves at the beginning of a match were not bound to that without providing any details I'd love to hear the story and your reasoning behind the ruling.


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